Jessica Manicures: No1 in nail care treatment

The Jessica system helps us to create and develop healthy natural nails for you

OPI or Vinylux Shape & polish 30 mins £14.00

Jess Manicure - as above + nail diagnosis, cuticle tidy, exfoliation and massage 1hr15 £23.00 

Jess Deluxe - as above + luxurious hand mask & heated mitts this opens the pores for oils & cream to absorb effectively. Softens skin,improves circulation and soothes stiff joints  1 1/2hrs £27.00

Le Remedisalt brushing, Liposomes and mask. Will replenish and revitalise your hands. A facial for hands. 25mins £12.00

Gel nails (Shellac)

The Original Gel Polish Back treatment (purifying and relaxing)

Creates a protective layer over the natural nail. Last 10 -14 days, dependent on certain nail types

Hands (nails shaped, cuticles tidied & nourished + polish) 1hr £25.00

Toes 1hr £25.00

Removal, nail tidy including conditioning 30 mins £7.00

Removal & reapplication   £29.00